Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Its F-Ugly Christmas Sweater Time!

Nothing says Christmas more than wearing a butt-ugly Holiday Sweater! Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties are becoming so popular now, that truly ugly sweater prices have skyrocketed.

As my place of employment is sponsoring an "Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest" this year, I have been searching the web for some inspiration. Here are some of the best I've found:

When I think of Christmas, I ALWAYS think "Brown and Pink", don't you?

This beauty looks like Buckingham Palace meets the Griswald's!

Oh, Pointsettias, how lovely ar't thou.

What can I say? Is it the fugly green color or the latch hooked quality of the teddy bear that makes me want to puke?

Icey blue with white holly and turquoise candy canes always say "Christmas" to me!

Just so you know, I bought a sweater today on Ebay which I will "bling" up when it arrives. Stay tuned for pictures. Here's a sneak preview before anything is added:

Pretty, huh? My mind is swimming with ideas for this one!