Thursday, March 29, 2012


Bob e Barbie 1984 by meeeeeeeeeel
Bob e Barbie 1984, a photo by meeeeeeeeeel on Flickr.

Ok, Barbie and Ken came out in 1959. After 25 years together, we can see that Barbie is clearly out with another doll, as per this photo taken in 1984!

I always thought that Barbie looked a little slutty. I even used to slut her up more by adding more make up and teasing her hair up really big, before she would go out on a date with Ken.

They would go on dates to the drive-in, always perched in barbie's convertible. (And we all know what teenagers do at drive-ins!) I wonder where Bob took Barbie on their date? Knowing how slutty Barbie is, I would say it was "The No Tell Motel"...