Friday, September 2, 2011

Freaky Fridays - Creepy Halloween Food Idea?

Or Finger Food Taken Too Far?
I know, I know... Its just the beginning of September. Even though Halloween is almost 8 weeks away, I had to share this picture I found on Flicker of some really creep-a$$ Halloween treats. The lady who posted said they were some sort of cookie but gave no recipe. By the looks of them they're made from a sugar cookie dough, shaped like a finger with a sliver of an almond pressed in for a nail.

Well, in the circle of friends whom we party with at Halloween, sweet "treats" don't usually go over very well. (Maybe because it's hard to eat a cookie while consuming some types of alcoholic beverages?) So, I am thinking I might try to make these out of some kind of yeast dough - like a frozen dinner roll or those crescent rolls? Still use the almond slivers for nails and use ketchup or salsa for the bloody effect??? Food for thought - PUN intended, of course...

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