Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coffee- Cafe A'Lotte??

I like coffee. If I don't get my two cups of it in the morning, I'm grouchy, have a headache and just plain don't feel right! Now I'm not one of those gourmet coffee people; just give me some of that "the best part of waking up" Folger's in my cup and I'm just fine. However, I saw this funny advertisement for a super deluxe Cafe Latte that sounded very interesting.... I think the only problem is I might have to go to Holland or one of those Scandinavian Countries to try one. (Legally, that is!) Its too cold over there and besides, I don't have the money to go. Guess I'll just stick with my Folger's, instead. The guy in the ad sure looks perky and happy, though.

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