Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's Indy Day! The Indy 500...

It's Indy Day or the day of the Indianapolis 500 Race. Here in Illi-ana, it's part of our Memorial Day Weekend Festivities. Hubby and I had the opportunity to go for many years to watch the Race in person with our good friends in Texas. They would fly or drive up every year and we would make the 3 hour trek over to the Brickyard, the morning of the Race and get home exhausted but content that we once again got to experience the whole thing together.

Those days are over now, but we've kept the tradition of watching all of the pre-race activites, the race itself and post-highlights, while wearing our Indy Regalia, putting out our checkered flags and cooking up some barbeque on the grill. (Yeah, we're spoiled...we have a TV out here on our covered deck!) I'll never forget all the times we experienced it over there first hand, but its just pretty comfortable sitting here in the comfort of my own home watching it on the TV. Ok... gotsta go. Lap 36 is coming up!

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  1. It was an exciting one wasn't it? more for what almost was....oh well, always next year!


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