Monday, June 20, 2011

Good-bye Gas Grill? NOT

Yesterday, Hubby was cooking food on the grill. Yes, I know. It was Father's Day, but he ended up cooking for everyone, anyway... So, when just he and I were outside, he proceeded to tell me he was NEVER going to buy another gas grill. This was the conversation:

H: I'm never gonna buy another gas grill.
Me: Bullshit
H: I'm NOT. Next time I get a new grill, its gonna be charcoal.
Me: Why?
H: 'Cause I like the flavor of charcoal cooked food.
Me: I think you should think of the time element. It takes awhile for the charcoal to get ready to cook on. It already takes you about 2 hours to do a steak on a gas grill.(WHY?- Who knows!) What if there's an ice storm in the winter and we lose power? The gas grill might be our only way to cook. Do you want to stand out in below freezing temps waiting for the damned charcoal to heat up?
H: I want a charcoal grill just like Yaddy Yah's. That son-of-a-bitch will last forever!
Me: That's what you said when you bought your current gas grill. If THAT is going to last forever, you won't be buying a fancy charcoal one, 'cause it's never going to wear out! (I turned around and walked into the house)

Yesterday was one of those days!


  1. OMG - I'm the one pushing for a charcoal grill at our home, because I want to use the different kinds of wood and stuff - LOL.

  2. We already have a good sized charcoal grill, a huge gas grill, a smoker and a huge outdoor deep fryer.LOL He just wants another "toy" :>D


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