Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh Mamma MiO

I don't know why, but this stuff disturbs me. First of all, if you are going to drink water, why is there a need to add a flavor enhancer? Water is water and its good for you. If you want it to look and taste like kool-aid, why not make a pitcher of pre-sweetened kool-aid with the artificial sweetners? If portability is a problem, pour it into an empty plastic bottle and carry it along. Or just buy a packet and pour a little into your bottle of water? I've read up on this stuff and you can read some facts about it HERE. I guess to each their own. Personally I'll take a bottle of plain ol' water any day.

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  1. Very interesting; I wondered who this would appeal to as well when I saw it on the shelf and thought - hmmm...I guess they are aiming for the young hipsters who want to look cool by pulling it out of their pockets to flavor water. Otherwise, it's a big meh from me. Then I read that link - and EEEEEEEKKKKK. Talk about a waste of packaging.


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