Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The "Must Goes" ~ Leftovers

I hate to admit it, but my frige looked almost like the one pictured. I couldn't put another single thing in it and three-quarters of the junk in there was not recognizable to me. (Let alone know when it was cooked!) Today was "dump the frige" day...

So, I began. Out came the tupperware, the corningware, the foil wrapped parcels (one of which was a half of a piece of a frozen fish fillet?), the ziploc baggies and all the rest. Thank God I had unloaded the dishwasher before I began this task. Not that it mattered. Some of the casserole dishes had to be soaked to get the baked on grime softened enough to wipe out before I put them IN the dishwasher. Its over, now. Guess what's for dinner? Stouffer's! And we're eating off paper plates tonight...


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  1. Pat yourself on the back for all that hard work. It was worth it! I have to do the same in my fridge as well, not looking forward to it. Blech, but it always is nice to look in afterwards and actually see stuff that's in there. LOL


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